My name is Richard Morgan, I come originally from Sisters Beach in Tasmania, and I have been making guitars, mandolins and mandocellos for the past eight years.

The radiant soundboard

I am using a circular design to improve the sound, and I have created a "radiant" soundboard .

What's going on with most instruments is that the grain of the timber goes up and down so it's very difficult to get the sound out on the soundboard. In most string instruments the wood is in sheets, all travelling in the same direction. In my instruments however, the wood pieces radiate from a central point in a circular design which helps to clarify the sound.

"It's a radiant soundboard so the vibrations get out onto the soundboard very quickly, producing a much smoother sound."

My history

My introduction to guitars was initially by accident. My sister was given a guitar — I was the sports lad — so when she got sick of it, I had a play on her guitar — and haven't really stop since the age of 14. I've always wanted my own guitars — that's been one of the things that I was going to do from day one, but I never had the courage.

So when I finally had a go at making some instruments it was an act of irreverence.

I was doing things like making fiberglass guitars and turning fry pans into mandolins, and things like that. Since then, I have been pursuing it as a career.

It's probably been only in the last seven or eight years that I've been serious about it in terms of actually doing something half decent.

My workshop