Radiant Instruments.

Unique. Modular. Musical Instruments.

Richard Morgan is participating at the Adelaide Festival Centre's Guitar Festival

9-12 August 2018.

See you there!

Jazz Guitar

Capable of great acoustic projection & variable tones with changeable soundboards

Classical Guitar

First ever arch-top classical guitar with radiant soundboard


Five course instrument with unmatched sustain, tuned CGDAE


Four course powerhouse, tuned GDAE, one octave below mandolin


Fully modular with interchangeable soundboard!


Large body, great attack & sustain, beautiful design

Lead Mandolin

Smaller body, smoother sound for orchestras

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I am a Tasmanian-born luthier, making guitars, mandolins and mandocello's in my Mount Isa studio.

My designs are unique.

Using a circular design to improve the sound, I have created what I call a radiant soundboard.

Every instrument is a labor of love because every join, every piece, that's put together has to be put together properly and carefully and accurately, as just one bad connection means you don't have a good instrument. Despite making just one instrument per month, the slow speed of the craft guarantees the quality.